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Solar Panel

We help homeowners save money and live greener with our Solar consultants. We offer financing, and installation services for homes or businesses of all sizes across California, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida. We can take care of that first month’s payment as well because, at A Friend Insurance, we believe in living green.

Medicare Insurance

We know that everyone’s health and budget are different, which means there are many Medicare insurance plans for you to choose from. To help with this decision-making process our team of specialists will work one on one with your unique needs in mind so we can find an affordable plan tailored specifically just for YOU!

Final Expense

When the time comes to prepare for retirement, many people are surprised that they need life insurance. Final expense coverage offers affordable prices while also taking steps toward protecting those we love most in this world (including ourselves). If it sounds like what would work best fits YOUR needs then contact AFriendInsurance today

Life Insurance

Protect your family’s future with a life insurance policy. We never know what tomorrow brings, so why not ensure that they’re taken care of? Find out how today and set them up for anything in between now to when you pass on!

Auto Insurance

The moment you get in your car and start driving, it’s like taking off on an adventure. The feeling is one that can’t be replicated with any other form of transportation — not even planes or trains! But what if something goes wrong? Insurance is a must-have for all drivers. Make sure to get the right coverage and start driving safely with peace of mind!

Home Insurance

Homeownership is often seen as the American Dream and for many people, it’s what they will soon become accustomed to. However, your home isn’t safe in any Weather or Fire protection; make sure you have an appropriate policy before moving into this lifestyle!

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