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Texas law requires people who drive in Texas to pay for accidents they cause. Most drivers do this by buying automobile liability insurance. Liability insurance pays to repair or replace the other driver’s car and pays other people’s medical expenses when you are at fault in an accident. You may also purchase additional coverage which, in addition to liability coverage, would cover your vehicle as well as your medical expenses in an event of an accident.

Homeowners Insurance protects you from financial losses caused by storms, fire, theft and other events outlined in your policy. Homeowners policies may either provide “all risk” or “named peril” coverage. All risk is used to describe policies that typically cover all perils unless specifically excluded in the policy. Named peril means the damage must be caused by a peril that is specifically named or listed in the policy. Most homeowners policies in Texas combine coverage such as dwelling, personal property, liability, medical payments and loss of use.

Motorcycle Insurance liability coverage provides bodily injury and property damage coverage to the driver that was hit by the motorcycle operator in an accident. It also protects the guest passenger who might be injured which was the fault of the operator of the motorcycle the passenger was riding. Additional coverage may be purchased to protect the motorcycle operator against loss, theft, damages to the vehicle or injuries to or death of the rider or any other person in an accident involving the vehicle. Coverage could be purchased for motorcycle, scooter, ATV, trike as well as off road vehicles.

“Bonded Title” is a term commonly used when an individual or firm has obtained a Certificate of Title Surety Bond in order to register a motor vehicle. The Transportation Code §501.053 allows for a bond in the amount of one and one-half times the value of the vehicle, that is effective for a period of three years, this accompanies the documents presented to the County Tax Assessor-Collector, to be filed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a motor vehicle title when the previous owner of the motor vehicle does not have possession of the original title.

In addition to auto title surety bonds, we also specialize in all kinds of license and permit bonds, notary bonds as well as commercial bonds.

Mexico Tourist Insurance is to cover personal automobiles travelling from the United States into Mexico for pleasure or business trips. Policies may be purchased on a daily basis, 6 Months (Multiple Entry) or 12 Months (Multiple Entry). Liability as well as Comprehensive and Collision Coverage are available for all kinds of personal automobiles including RV’s whereas liability only coverage is available for motorcycles. Liability coverage also includes Legal Assistance that may be required in an event of an accident. Additional products also available for purchase include Road Side Assistance in Mexico, Medical Travel Insurance, and Repatriation of Mortal Remains comprehensive coverage for residents of the United States.

Texas SR-22 Auto Insurance is generally required after a traffic ticket has been issued for driving without proof of auto insurance, DWI’s, accidents or other negligent traffic convictions. It is an auto insurance liability policy which requires the insurance company to certify coverage to the DPS, and the insurance company is responsible to inform the DPS anytime the policy is canceled, terminated or lapsed. In the state of Texas, a person is required to keep the SR-22 for a period of two years from the date of the accident, conviction, or revocation.

Commercial Auto Insurance may be purchased to cover commercial vehicles used for business purposes. Also called commercial auto, corporate car, corporate vehicle, business auto, business car or business vehicle. Whether you use vehicles to provide mobility for your employees, equipment or products, it is advisable to purchase comprehensive commercial auto insurance. A Friend Auto Insurance offers Commercial Auto Insurance to all businesses like sole proprietorships, partnerships, small businesses, corporations, and those in agriculture and the trades.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance protects business owners against claims of liability for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury (slander and false advertising). Premises/operations coverage pays for bodily injury or property damage that occurs on your premises or as a result of your business operations.

Premises/operations coverage pays for bodily injury or property damage that occurs on your premises or as a result of your business operations.
Products/completed operations coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage that occurs away from your business premises and is caused by your products or completed work.

Renters insurance, sometimes called tenant insurance, pays to replace or repair your personal property if it’s stolen, damaged, or destroyed in a home or apartment you rent. A landlord’s insurance policy covers the house or apartment building but not your personal property, such as furniture, clothing, and electronics. Some rental property managers may require you to have renters insurance as a condition of your lease.

Renters insurance policies typically include three types of coverage: personal property coverage, loss of use, and personal liability.

RV/ Motor Home insurance coverage may include comprehensive coverage, coverage for attached accessories, total loss replacement coverage, emergency expenses coverage, campsite/vacation liability coverage, replacement cost coverage, towing and roadside assistance and full-timer coverage that covers you when the RV is parked and using your rig as a residence, too. Coverage is available for motor home, luxury motor coach, animal trailer with living quarters, fifth wheel, sport utility with living, travel trailers and medium duty tow trucks that you use to tow your motor home.

Coverage could be purchased for boats and personal watercraft to cover liability only, liability and physical damage, watercraft accessory coverage, pollution liability, medical payments, personal property, uninsured watercraft, trailer coverage for trailers that transfers your boat, wreck removal, water sports liability, agreed value hull coverage for boats newer than 26 years, as well as for towing and assistance so you will never be stranded on the water or the side of the road.

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